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Johnson American Fastener Company, Inc.

222 Haws Ave.
Norristown, PA  19401

Phone: 610-279-3822
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What People Say About JAF

"Just a Phone Call Away"

Steve, a buyer for a local metal fabrication company, is a more recent customer of Johnson American. When asked his initial experiences working with JA, he quickly points to time;  “They have been very proactive and offer the fastest turnaround. Now that we’ve been working together for a while, they stock items specifically for me  when I call, they deliver.”

In addition to the fast turnaround, Steve also points to the personal touch he enjoys with Johnson American; “From the moment Mary came in and introduced herself, they’ve been great to work with. They’re really nice people. And they’re just a phone call away.”

"Johnson American Delivers"

Johnson American has been supplying Cher’s contract manufacturing company for more than a decade. “Our relationship has been really good. They are great to work with. Always helpful and quick to respond,” Cher recalls. “And I also find that their pricing is very competitive.”

When asked what makes JA stand apart, Cher points to our ability to quickly find and deliver unique items; “When I need anything out of the ordinary, I definitely go to Johnson American. They are great at sourcing hard-to-find items and their delivery is incredibly fast. Because we’re local, we usually receive our order the next day!”

In today’s fast-paced business marketplace, it’s critical that suppliers keep pace and offer the fastest possible turnaround. Johnson American prides itself on employing the efficient sourcing and delivery practices to ensure this.

"Local is a Win/Win"

Johnson American recently contacted Tom, another longstanding customer, to ask him a few questions about his experience working with Ed Jr. and the entire JA team. His response perfectly identifies the benefits of sourcing local; “We try to support local business because the nature of those relationships are the strongest. Not only do we save on freight/shipping, but we are able to put money back into the economy around us.”

Because they are in our backyard, we are able to respond more quickly and deliver what Tom recognizes as “both great customer service and great pricing. Ed Jr. and the entire team are fantastic  we talk and order on a weekly basis. It’s a win/win for everyone involved!”

"Everybody Knows Your Name"

Diane works for a company whose working history with Johnson American dates back more than five decades. When asked about her personal experiences in this longstanding partnership, she is quick to point out that it's all about the relationship; “I like to have a good relationship with my vendors and I definitely have that with Johnson American. Every time I call, everyone is pleasant. Every order is complete, correct and delivered on time.”

Another key aspect of this relationship is the knowledge and expertise employed by Johnson American; “I might order 10 different items in varying quantities and no one ever even asks for a part number. Their product knowledge is outstanding!”

When asked about the greatest strength of Johnson American, Diane immediately pointed to the family environment and atmosphere; “It’s like walking into a local bar where everyone knows your name!”

"Johnson American Steps Up"

Bob B. was experiencing service and delivery issues with his fastener supplier when he received a call from Jack (John Mitros) at Johnson American. “It was really just ideal timing,” Bob recalls. “I liked what Jack had to say and their prices were definitely in the ballpark. They stepped up and fixed the problem and have been helpful ever since.”

A few years into the relationship, Bob continues to appreciate the Johnson American philosophy; “They are wonderful to deal with, very pleasant and enjoyable, and they have always come through. They do what they say they are going to do, promptly, and the service is very good.”